Lia Joy, fiber artist, slow fashion


Lia is a French Basque textile artist & a slow fashion designer.

"I like to take my time to create each piece"

Each piece, unique, is create thus with time, love and respect from handcrafted

in her workshop in Montréal, Canada. She designs each piece herself by hand

and pays particular attention to colors, materials (authentic & natural), and finishes.

A constantly renewed practice, always around the thread.

"I'm an explorer who constantly needs to learn new craft techniques"

As a child, she already felt a fascination to the colors and materials

when she accompanied her mother to the sewing stores.

"I wanted to become a fashion designer.

For my thirteenth birthday I asked for knitting needles, yarn, and I knitted my first sweater.

This passion has never left me."

This is the story of Lia Joy.

My credo, Less is more, with a bohemian touch.


Please                           me if you have any questions, if you'd like to collaborate,

it would be a pleasure to answer you.

Thank you for the visit !!

Lia :)