Lia joy slow fashion
Lia JOY, Textile Artiste
Lia Joy, Solar slow fashion
Lia Joy, Textile Artist
Lia JOY, textile artist

Lia JOY, Textile Artist

& Solar Slow Fashion

since 2015

Designed and handcrafted by Lia, each collection is born in her workshop in Mile-End, Montreal, Canada.

Lia takes great care in the finishes details, choice of materials, all natural, with a predilection for flax fiber.


Portrait of the artist.

A graduate of History of Art/Archeology and Visual Arts, Lia grew up by the ocean (French Basque country) in a very pronounced Beach/Surf culture.

A DNA that nourishes her work and approach.

At a very young age, she discovered a passion for thread and knitted her first sweater at 13 years old. A practice that has never left her, that she has nurtured, over the years, by expanding her techniques (crochet, weaving, embroidery....) Her watchword and medium, : Thread, in all its forms.

''My work is structured in 2 stages : 

1-A summer Capsule collection, handmade, promise of an endless summer :)

2-My weavings, textile expression & ancestral craftmanship that resonates in me like a permanence, 

a heritage (family and human), my love for meticulous work where time has no hold.

In each of my practices, I see a Ariadne's trail. My path. My passion.''

As Kurt Vonnegut said :

''The practice of Art isn't to make a living. It's to make your soul grow.''

Thank you very much for the visit and if you have any questions, want to collaborate, 

that will be my pleasure to answer you.

Take care,